Name Academic title Field of expertise
Guoqing WangDr., Prof.Climate Change; Hydrology
Zhiyong WuDr., Prof.Hydrology; Water Information
Zhiyuan WangDr., Associate Prof.Aquatic Ecology; Emerging Pollutants
Roger FalconerDr., Prof.Hydrodynamics and Water Security
Yintang WangProf.Hydrology and Water Resources; Flooding
Yang XiaoDr., Prof.Sedimentation; River Management
Dongdong JiaDr., Prof.Sedimentation; River Morphology
Wei LiDr., Prof.Groundwater and Water Resources
Da ChenDr., Prof.Harbor Waterway Engineering
Yuncheng WenProf.Water Transport; Hydropower; Estuary and Coastal Modelling
Shiqiang WuDr., Prof.Hydraulics; Urban Aquatic Environment
Ke ZhangDr., Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources; Remote Sensing
Leihua GengDr.Water Resources; Aquatic Ecology and Environment
Pei XinDr., Prof.Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Xue BaiDr., Prof.Environmental Pollutants
Teng WuDr., Associate Prof.Eco-Navigation; Fluvial Hydraulics; Sedimentation
Ling ZhouDr.Hydraulics; Hydropower
Qiuwen ChenDr., Prof.Environment and Sustainability
Junliang JinDr., Prof.Climate; Hydrology
Gaoxu WangDr., Prof.Water Resources Management
Jianyun ZhangDr., Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources; Climate Change
Changshuo HuangDr., Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources
Saiyu YuanDr., Prof.Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Zhiwei LiAssociate Prof.Environmental Hydraulics; Sediment Movement
Zulin HuaDr., ProfWater Environment
Qingfang HuDr., Prof.Hydrology and Meteorology; Urban Flooding
Jiangjiang ZhangDr., Prof.Simulation of Hydrologic Systems; Data Assimilation; Deep Learning
Zhongbo YuDr. ,Prof.Hydrology
Yongjun LuDr., Prof.River Dynamics; Port Channel
Zhili WangDr.River Dynamics; Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Luchen ZhangDr., Associate Prof.Hydraulic Hydraulics
Huaping ZhongDr., Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources
Yongxiang WuProf.Water Resources Management; Flood Control and Disaster Mitigation
Jian ZhangDr., Prof.Water Resources and Hydropower
Yan LuDr., Prof.Sediment Movement; Waterway Regulation; Ecological Restoration of Rivers and Lakes
Lingjie LiResearch AssistantMeteorological Hydrology; Hydrological Forecast
Yiwen LiDr., Associate Prof.Regional Economy and Finance; Rural Financial Development
Li GuDr., Prof.Water Environment; Water Resources
Wanyun XueDr., Prof.Hydraulics; Numerical Simulation of Water-Gas Two-Phase Flow; Environmental Hydraulics
Pengfei ShiDr., Associate Prof.Watershed Hydrological Simulation; Intelligent Water Conservancy Research
Bo DaDr., Associate Prof.Mechanical Properties and Durability of Materials and Structures for Water Transport Engineering
Wei WuEngineerWater Resources Scheduling ,Hydroinformatics
Shanshui YuanDr., Prof.Hydrometeorology, Land-Atmosphere Interactions; Extreme Drought/Flood Events
Junfei ChenDr., Prof.Water Resources and Environment Management
Xinhua ZhuDr., Prof.Resource Economy and Policy
Guiliang TianDr., Prof.Virtual Water Trade Strategy; Water Rights and Water Market; Green Finance
Guangqiu JinDr., Prof.Hydraulics and River Hydrodynamics
Tingjie HuangDr.Hydraulics and River Hydrodynamics; Ecological Waterway Regulation; River and Lake Ecologically Comprehensive Treatment
Tongchao NanDr., Prof.groundwater simulation; geostatistics; data assimilation
Jina YinDr., Associate Prof.Groundwater dynamics simulation and environment remediation
Qi ZhangDr., Prof.Lake Catchment Hydrology
Liangang ChenDr., Prof.Eco-hydrology and Water Resources Protection
Qin XuDr., Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources
Liujun ZhuDr., Associate Prof.Remote Sensing of Hydrology
Yanqing LianDr., Prof.Groundwater; Hydrology and Water Resources
Yina ZouDr., Associate Prof.Water Ecological Environment Protection
Zongzhi WangDr., Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources
Xiaogang WangDr., Prof.Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Ziwu FanDr., Prof.Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Liming ChenSenior EngineerHydrological Water Resources
Jin ZhangDr., Prof.Urban Water Management
Xiaoji ShenDr., Associate Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources
Erhu DuDr., Prof.流域水文过程和水资源管理
Xiaoqiang YangDr., Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources; Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Wei ZhiDr., Prof.Watershed Hdyrology and Water Quality
Chuanhao WuDr., Prof.Hydrology and Water Resources

This page lists automatically all of our staff who has made public their information. The time displayed at the bottom of this page is not when their bios are updated. This is not an exhaustive list because information of some of our staff is not available at the moment.

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