Liujun ZhuDr., Associate Prof.

Liujun Zhu obtained the Ph.D. degree in civil engineering in 2019 from Monash University with a thesis on multi-SAR soil moisture retrieval. He began his research career working for the Department of Civil Engineering Monash University and Monash Data Futures Institute to implement his soil moisture work operationally. Since 2021, he joined the Yangtze Institute for Conservation and Development. He has published more than 30 papers in top journals, such as RSE, ISPRS P&RS, IEEE TGRS etc and 2 book chapters. Dr. Zhu has been serving as an adjunct Research Fellow of Monash University and a reviewer for more 10 SCI journals, which include RSE, IEEE TGRS etc. His current research interests include microwave remote sensing of soil moisture, machine learning and its applications in soil moisture, and live fuel water content retrieval.

Dr. Zhu

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Dr. Zhu

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