Dr. Huang

Tingjie HuangDr.

Dr. Huang is mainly engaged in basic research of theory and application on hydraulics and river hydrodynamics, ecological waterway regulation, river and lake ecologically comprehensive treatment. He has anticipated more than 10... Read more

Guanqiu JinDr., Prof.

Professor, doctoral supervisor, vice dean of Dayu College of Hohai University, member of Jiangsu Oceanic Society, member of AGU, member of IAHR, and member of Water Resources Committee. In 2015, he was... Read more

Dr. Tian

Guiliang TianDr., Prof.

Guiliang Tian , Professor, Ph.D. in management science and engineering of Hohai University and obtained the support of Jiangsu Social Science Talents Program. Mainly engaged in virtual water trade strategy, water rights... Read more

Dr. Zhu

Xinhua ZhuDr., Prof.

Professor Xinhua Zhu, Ph.D. of land resources management, Nanjing Agricultural University, and Da Yu scholar of Hohai University. Mainly engaged in resource economy and policy, grassroots government governance and other fields. More... Read more

Dr. Chen

Junfei ChenDr., Prof.

Junfei Chen is a Professor and PhD supervisor. His research interests include watershed (regional) high-quality development, risk management of flood and drought disasters, water resources and environment management, ecosystem services and compensation,... Read more

Dr. Yuan

Shanshui YuanDr., Associate Prof.

Shanshui Yuan got his PhD degree in the Department of Geography at Texas A&M University and worked as a Post-doctoral Research Associate at The Ohio State University. Dr. Yuan’s research focuses on... Read more

Mr. Wu

Wei WuEngineer

Wei Wu received his B.S. in Water conservancy and Hydropower Engineering and M.S. in Water conservancy Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Since 2016 he... Read more

Dr. Da

Bo DaDr., Associate Prof.

Bo Da is Associate Professor in the College of Harbour, Coastal and Offshore Engineering, Hohai University. He is mainly engaged in research on the mechanical properties and durability of materials and structures... Read more

Dr. Shi

Pengfei ShiDr., Associate Prof.

Pengfei Shi, born in August 1987, associate Researcher. He is mainly engaged in watershed hydrological simulation and intelligent water conservancy research. He won 1 first prize of Dayu water conservancy science and... Read more

Dr. Xue

Wanyun XueDr.

Senior engineer. Wanyun Xue graduated from Wuhan University with Ph.D. A major research focus is the basic theory of hydraulics (turbulent flow), water-sand-vegetation flow, hydraulic optimization of hydraulic structures, numerical simulation of... Read more