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Dr. Wei Zhi is a professor at the Yangtze Institute for Conservation and Development at Hohai University, China. His research primarily focuses on watershed hydro-biogeochemistry, water quality, big data and deep learning. More specifically, he is interested in understanding how water moves and interacts with other components in natural environments. His ultimate goal is to understand and forecast water quantity and quality at the watershed- and continental-scale, using both the process-based reactive transport model and the data-driven machine (deep) learning model. Dr. Zhi has authored and co-authored over 20 papers, including first-authored publications in prestigious journals such as Nature Climate Change, Nature Water, Environmental Science & Technology, Water Research, and Water Resources Research. He currently serves as a junior editor for journals like The Innovation, Sustainable Horizons, JHM Advances, and FESE.

Dr. Zhi

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Dr. Zhi

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