Junfei ChenDr., Prof.

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Dr. Chen

Zhiwei LiAssociate Prof.

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Prof. Li

Shiqiang WuDr., Prof.

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Dr. Wu

Performance of Sponge City Measures Under Different Climate Patterns

As a new generation concept of urban storm water management, high expectations...

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Our latest research (April 2022)

Excerpts from our latest research papers

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Land reclamation may be source of microplastic pollution of the ocean

We might come across “microplastic pollution of the ocean” quite  often when we...

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Low-permeability surface mulch for higher soil leaching efficiency

Soil salinization is the accumulation of soluble salinity in soil that causes the deterioration in soil...

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Sense of gain for fishermen after the Fishing Ban

Yangtze fishermen's compensation in Jiangsu

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Wonders of Wetlands

World Wetlands Day

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Eight of China’s Ten Most Devastating Natural Disasters in 2021 Were Water Related

The Ministry of Emergency Management released yesterday the ten most devastating natural disasters...

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The Yangtze Economic Belt, Ten Year Fishing Ban and Third Child

The Yangtze Economic Belt is one of China’s most dynamic regions and...

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To A Courageous 2022

Thank you for all your support

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Our 2021

Annual Highlights

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5% of the Yangtze River Basin under Mild or Higher Erosion

December 2021, the Yangtze River (Changjiang) Water Resources Commission published its 2020 Report of Soil...

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Phosphorus pollution still not under control in Lake Taihu

In local folklore, the shimmering and crystal clear Lake Taihu came into being after a...

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Code Red: Main Messages of the IPCC AR6 WG1 report

The 6th Assessment Report of UN IPCC Work Group 1 has been released on 9 August...

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