China’s 2021 Water Resources Bulletin Released

The Chinese Ministry of Water Resources lately released the 2021 Water Resources Bulletin of the country. According the released data, China received 691.6mm of precipitation in 2021 and its total water availability was estimated to be 2963.82 billion m³, which were respectively 7.4% and 7.3% higher than long term average. Water consumption of the country in 2021 totalled 592.02 billion m³, which saw a growth of 107.3 billion from 2020. Average water consumption of was 419m³ per capita, and 51.8m³ per 10,000 CNY GDP.

Annual precipitation of China (2011-2021). Precipitation in 2021 was 7.4% more than long-term average.
Data source: China Water Resources Bulletin (2011-2021)
Total water availability of China (2011-2021). Water availability in 2021 was 7.3% more than long-term average.
Data source: China Water Bulletin (2011-2021)
Annual water consumption of China (2011-2021). 2021 saw water consumption totalled 592.02 billion m³ and slight increase in all four types of water use. Agriculture was still the biggest water user.
Data source: China Water Resources Bulletin (2011-2021)
Average water consumption of China (2011-2021). Per capita water use increased slightly but water use efficiency was improved.
Source: China Water Resources Bulletin 2011-2021

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