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Happy Lunar New Year

It’s Chuxi (Lunar New Year Eve) today, which means the Spring Festival, the most important holiday for Chinese, is just one-night away.

“Along the night goes the cold, and a spring morning is racing to unfold.” Poet SHI Qing of the Tang wrote in his poem, Lunar New Year Eve. The arrival of the Spring Festival means the bitter winter is about to come to an end and another spring of renewal and refreshment is about to start. On this occasion, we would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year of the Tiger. May you enjoy good health and all wishes come true.

The Spring Festival is usually a time for family reunion for Chinese. Some people might have already been joined by family, some on their way to be joined, but there are also some who could not go back for various reasons. Regardless where you are, our good wishes are with you.

Happy Lunar New Year of the Tiger

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Happy Lunar New Year of the Tiger

2022 is the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac

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