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Our latest research (April 2022)

The removal rates of PFAAs were significantly correlated with perfluoroalkyl chain length in treatments with H. verticillate

Xiao-qing Li et al 2022 | Science of the Total Environment
Ecotoxicological responses and removal of submerged macrophyte Hydrilla verticillate to multiple perfluoroalkyl acid (PFAA) pollutants in aquatic environments

… this investigation evaluated the tau-omega model at P-band (0.75 GHz) using a tower-based experiment in Victoria, Australia

Xiaoji Shen et al 2022 | Remote Sensing of Environment
Evaluation of the tau-omega model over bare and wheat-covered flat and periodic soil surfaces at P- and L-band

… a new method of determining conveyance coefficient in compound channels to be incorporated in the two-dimensional analytical solution of the Reynolds averaged Navier–stokes equations for stage-discharge and hydrographs prediction

Hamidreza Rahimi et al 2022 | Water Resources Management
Study on Conveyance Coefficient Influenced by Momentum Exchange Under Steady and Unsteady Flows in Compound Open Channels

… the morphodynamic evolution of Jingjiang Beach, a sandbank on the Yangtze tidal river, has been investigated based on measured data

Yuncheng Wen et al 2022 | Water
Study of Jingjiang Beach Morphodynamics in the Tidal Reach of the Yangtze River

This study compares the pre- and post-industrial impact of climate change on the spatiotemporal evolution of drought over the Tibet Plateau region

Zhenya Li et al 2022 | Natural Hazards
A comparative analysis of pre- and post-industrial spatiotemporal drought trends and patterns of Tibet Plateau using Sen slope estimator and steady-state probabilities of Markov Chain

… this article tries to establish the payment standard of watershed ecological compensation from the perspective of water resources value

Junfei Chen et al 2022 | Frontiers in Environmental Science
A Quantitative Assessment on Ecological Compensation Based on Water Resources Value Accounting: A Case Study of Water Source Area of the Middle Route of South-To-North Water Transfer Project in China

… distribution of PFAAs was investigated in water, suspended particles, sediment, and pore water from the upstream and downstream sections of six sluice gates along the Wangyu River, China

Zulin Hua et al 2022 | Journal of Environmental Management
Shift in the distribution and fate of perfluoroalkyl acids by sluice gates in the multi-environment media of rivers

This paper reviews the state of knowledge and current approaches to quantifying marsh surface water and groundwater interactions with a focus on porewater flow and associated soil conditions in connection with plant zonation as well as carbon, nutrients, and greenhouse gas fluxes

Pei Xin et al 2022 | Reviews of Geophysics
Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions in Salt Marshes and Their Impact on Plant Ecology and Coastal Biogeochemistry

… a rainfall-runoff model with deep learning algorithms (CNN-LSTM) was proposed to compute runoff in the watershed based on two-dimensional rainfall radar maps directly

Peifeng Li et al 2022 | Water
Prediction of Flow Based on a CNN-LSTM Combined Deep Learning Approach

… human activity has contributed 46% to the FVC [fractional vegetation cover] variation, while the remaining 54% was led by climate factors

Jing Li et al 2022 | Atmosphere
Long Term Observation of Fractional Vegetation Cover in Qingyang of Gansu Province and Its Response to Climate Change

… CW containing plants or/and iron-carbon had higher removal efficiency for nutrients … than conventional CW in stable operation under wastewater without PFOA/OS

Xiaodong Liu et al 2022 | Environmental Research
Removing nutrients from wastewater by constructed wetlands under perfluoroalkyl acids stress

Significant correlations were observed between sediment/residue adsorption and bioaccumulation of biofilm microbes, and were significantly correlated with perfluoroalkyl chain length …

Zulin Hua et al 2022 | The Science of the Total Environment
Removal of perfluoroalkyl acids and dynamic succession of biofilm microbial communities in the decomposition process of emergent macrophytes in wetlands.


王利平等 2022 | 水利水运工程学报


谢一凡等 2022 | 岩土工程学报


陈鑫等 2022 | 水力发电学报


郝由之等 2022 | 工程科学与技术


叶逾等 2022 | 环境工程


林育青等 2022 | 水资源保护

虽然微生物群落的多样性并不完全跟盐度梯度一致,但在溶解性总固体(TDS)浓度大于1 g/L的含盐地下水中,微生物群落的多样性随盐度的增加而增加…

桑石磊等 2022 | 环境科学研究


沈菊琴等 2022 | 水利经济


史安娜等 2022 | 科技管理研究


张珂 2022 | 知识就是力量
科学之力 辨象问天


杜明成 2022 | 水资源与水工程学报

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