Dr Yanqing Lian to be principal scientist of YICODE

We are honored to announce that Dr Yanqing Lian will be our principal scientist.

Dr. Lian’s major research interests are ecosystem restoration of wetlands, flood risk modeling, hydrological simulation for sponge city design, modeling of watershed hydrology and non-point source pollution, ecological environment vulnerability assessment and optimal management, modeling of groundwater and pollutant transport, coupling modeling of surface water and groundwater, and sustainable development of water and ecological environment, etc. He has developed the coupled hydrological and hydraulic modeling system (CHHMS) by coupling hydrological, groundwater model, water quality, and other models. He was the principal investigator and leading scientist for more than twenty federal, state, and local agency projects in the United States. He has also been the principal investigator for about thirty projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other agencies in China. He published his first SCI paper in the Journal of Hydrology in 1991 and has published around 60 papers in the SCI journals including Earth Science Reviews, Journal of Hydrology and etc. with the highest single paper citation of 385 and H-index of 19. He was selected into the list of highly cited scientists in 2017.

Dr. Lian

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Dr. Lian

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