Xiaoji ShenDr., Associate Prof.

Associate Professor Xiaoji Shen was awarded the Ph.D. degree in water resource engineering with Monash University, Australia in 2022. His primary research interests are in the fields of eco-hydrology remote sensing and microwave remote sensing. He has demonstrated a new technique, i.e., P-band radiometer, to replace or enhance the current L-band radiometer satellite in the near future for sensing deeper and more accurate soil moisture globally. Currently, he is leading several research projects including a National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Youth Project, a sub-project of the National Key Research and Development Program, a Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Foundation Youth Project, and a project of the Key Open Laboratory for Hydro-meteorology of the China Meteorological Administration; he has also participated in more than 10 projects funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and other organizations. He has published over 20 papers in high-impact SCI journals such as RSE and IEEE TGRS. He serves as an adjunct research fellow at Monash University, Australia, an early career editor of “Emergency Management Science and Technology” and “Water Resources Protection”, and has long been a peer reviewer for more than 10 leading SCI journals in remote sensing and hydrology.

Dr. Shen

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Dr. Shen

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