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Guiliang Tian , Professor, Ph.D. in management science and engineering of Hohai University and obtained the support of Jiangsu Social Science Talents Program. Mainly engaged in virtual water trade strategy, water rights and water market, green finance (ecological product value realization) and other aspects of research. More than 130 papers have been published, including more than 40 SSCI / SCI / CSSCI papers published in safety science, Journal of management engineering, economist and other mainstream economic and management journals, and one of them has been reprinted in the full text by the National People’s Congress. He has presided over more than 50 scientific research projects, including general project/ youth project of NSFC, later funded project of NSSF, major sub projects of NSSF, etc. He has won 7 science and technology progress awards at the provincial and ministerial level and published 6 monographs. His policy suggestions as the main writer have been approved by the provincial leaders for 5 times. He is the academic editor of China’s population, resources and environment, the special editor of people’s Pearl River, and the director of Jiangsu society of quantitative economics and management science and Jiangsu market economy research association.

Dr. Tian

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Dr. Tian

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