Jina YinDr., Associate Prof.

Jina Yin got her PhD degree from Louisiana State University and worked as a Postdoc at University of California, Merced. Dr. Yin’s research focuses on groundwater flow and solute transport modeling, aquifer remediation and optimization, and model uncertainty quantification. Dr. Yin has served as PI in 4 projects, including Sub-project of National Key Research and Development Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities and Nanjing Science and Technology Innovation Project for Researcher Studying Abroad. Dr. Yin has published 15 publications till now, and 10 of them were published in High-level SCI journals as the first author (including only corresponding author). Dr. Yin has applied five patents and three of them were granted. Dr. Yin Registered software copyright of two. She has been reviewers of Water Resources Research, Journal of Hydrology, etc. Dr. Yin is a member of AGU and ASCE. Dr. Yin was honored First Prize of Science and Technology Award of Shaanxi Higher Education Institutions and Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award of Louisiana State University.

Dr. Yin

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Dr. Yin

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