Qingfang HuDr., Prof.

Dr. Qinfang Hu obtained his Ph.D. in hydrology and water resources from Tsinghua University in 2013. He is currently an professor of Hydrology&Water Resources Department in Nanjing Institute of Hydraulic Research(NHRI) . His research interests include meteorological hydrology, hydrological forecast, urban flood & waterlogging simulation and comprehensive regulation and water resources planning and management. He has led or participated in more than 60 national and provincial science & technology projects including the National Key Technology R&D Program, the National Key Research and Development Program of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, et al. In addition, many projects commissioned by local governments or enterprises have been completed. Related innovative achievements have been applied to water conservancy production practices in the Yangtze River Basin, Hai River Basin, Tai Lake Basin, et al. He has published 4 monographs and more than 50 journal articles, including 20 SCI/EI-indexed papers. He also serves as an editorial board member for Water Resources Protection and Pearl River.

Dr. Hu

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Dr. Hu

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