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Dr and Prof JIN Junliang currently co-leads the team on climate change impacts on hydrology with NHRI/RCCC, MWR. Dr. JIN is also the Deputy Director of our General Management Office. Dr. JIN obtained his PhD degree in Hydrology and Water Resources from Hohai University in 2010, after which he has developed a career as a well-known expert on climate change, flood risk and water resources management. He leads or has led over 40 major research projects under important initiatives funded by MOST, NSFC, and so forth. His rich professional experience lends him extensive insights and skills for his research on flood risk and water resources management. He has published 4 monographs, over 50 papers, and developed 5 patented inventions and 8 softwares. He has been awarded one Special and another First Grade Prizes for his research by provincial or ministerial authorities. He is also one of the “333 High Level Talents Programme” of Jiangsu Province.

Dr. Jin

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Dr. Jin

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