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Xue Bai is a Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at Hohai University. She concluded her Ph.D. degree in Polymeric Chemistry and Physics, Lanzhou University and Environmental Engineering, Peking University (2010). After her Ph.D., she worked as post-doctor fellow & research associate in School of Environment, Tsinghua University (2012), and then she worked for Hohai University. In year of 2015/16, she worked as a senior visiting researcher at the Harvard University (USA). Her research interests are electrochemical sensing of environmental pollutants and environmental behaviors of manufactured nanomaterials. Bai’s group projects include developing new sensors to make accurate measurements of organic toxicants in the water, and devising new analysis to extract quantitative information about sources, transformations, and transport of nanomaterials.

Dr. Bai

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Dr. Bai

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