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Dr. Wu Shiqiang is Professor in hydraulics and river dynamics with Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute. His research areas include the research of river and lake system connection and water safety guarantee, urban water environment improvement, basin flood control risk analysis and flood control impact assessment, high dam flood discharge energy dissipation and atomization, etc. He has won 3 second prizes of national science and technology progress, published more than 160 papers, 11 monographs, 2 specifications and 10 invention patents. He presided over more than 200 national scientific and technological research projects, such as National Programs for Science and Technology Development, National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), the National Water Pollution Control and Management of Science and Technology Major Project, National Key Research and Development Project. He is the member of editorial board of Advances in Water Science and Hydro-Science and Engineering.

Dr. Wu

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Dr. Wu

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