Why are we valuing water

World Water Day 2021 Read more

Dr. Shanshui Yuan: Adapting to more extreme events requires high-quality observations and multi-disciplinary integrations

We are very delighted to welcome Dr. Shanshui Yuan to join the YICODE team Read more

Li Yisong: New Mode Opened by Yangtze River Legislation

The Yangtze River Protection Law in force on March 1 Read more

Wetland and Water

50th Anniversary of the Ramsar Convention Read more

Ten-year Fishing Ban on Yangtze Officially in Place

The official start of the ten-year fishing ban on the Yangtze River... Read more

Virtual water and responsible consumerism

How your wardrobe might be depleting other peope's water Read more

For that smile of the Yangtze

International Freshwater Dolphin Day Read more

Life and the Ceaseless Streams

Celebrating the many values of our waterways together Read more

Land use changes in the Yellow River basin since this century concentrated in its central and eastern regions

Contribution from population change and socio-economic development not to be ignored Read more

Dr. Jiangjiang Zhang: Integrating Numerical Simulation and Big Data in Optimizing Basin-Scale Water Management

We are very delighted to welcome Dr. Jiangjiang Zhang to join the YICODE team Read more

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