Class IV emergency response activated by Yangtze River Commission

Seven monitoring stations in the Yangtze River basin recorded water levels above emergency line on 24 May. The Yangtze River Commission initiated Class IV emergency response against floods at 14:00 on the same date. Hydrometeorological forecasts predict heavy rainfall process in the upcoming week in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze and areas to its south, foretelling risks of flooding. The Commission calls for readiness of early-warning and flood control to ensure safety. (China News)

700-year-old pavilion in Yangtze floodwater, 2020

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700-year-old pavilion in Yangtze floodwater, 2020

An over 700-year-old pavilion captured the imagination of Chinese citizens for withstanding the powerful floodwaters on the Yangtze River in 2020.

Photo: CGTN News

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