5% of the Yangtze River Basin under Mild or Higher Erosion

December 2021, the Yangtze River (Changjiang) Water Resources Commission published its 2020 Report of Soil... Read more

COP26: Good progress, but still far from enough

Glasgow recap Read more

Water Security Needs Global Solutions

Water engineers and scientists have a major role to play Read more

Phosphorus pollution still not under control in Lake Taihu

In local folklore, the shimmering and crystal clear Lake Taihu came into being after a... Read more

Code Red: Main Messages of the IPCC AR6 WG1 report

The 6th Assessment Report of UN IPCC Work Group 1 has been released on 9 August... Read more

What to pay attention to at COP26

Eyes on Glasgow Read more

United in Science 2021

No alternative left to ambitious climate action according to latest MWO report Read more

The nominal and factual facets of China’s ‘River Chief’ System

In Chinese mythology, the dragons are the holy creatures that govern all water.... Read more

How could we help lowering carbon emission

National Low Carbon Day 2021 Read more

Impacts of a warming climate on China’s ten water zones

Under global changes including a warming climate and rapid urbanisation, understanding the... Read more

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