China’s 2022 Water Resources Bulletin Released

China’s water ministry has recently released its 2022 Water Resources Bulletin. According... Read more

Half of China’s Most Devastating Natural Disasters in 2022 Were Floods

China’s Ministry of Emergency Management released a list of the country’s ten... Read more

China’s 2021 Water Resources Bulletin Released

The Chinese Ministry of Water Resources lately released the 2021 Water Resources... Read more

Our Three Years

Happy 3rd Anniversary Read more

Only One Earth

World Environment Day 2022 Read more

Our Latest Research (May 2022)

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Performance of Sponge City Measures Under Different Climate Patterns

As a new generation concept of urban storm water management, high expectations... Read more

Our latest research (April 2022)

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Land reclamation may be source of microplastic pollution of the ocean

We might come across “microplastic pollution of the ocean” quite  often when we... Read more

Invest in Our Planet

Earth Day 2022 Read more

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