A snow owl

Introducing our owl

We have migrated our newsletter system Read more

United in Science 2021

No alternative left to ambitious climate action according to latest MWO report Read more

One of the dragons on the Nine Dragon Screen Wall of the Forbidden City in Beijing

The nominal and factual facets of China’s ‘River Chief’ System

In Chinese mythology, the dragons are the holy creatures that govern all water.... Read more

How could we help lowering carbon emission

National Low Carbon Day 2021 Read more

Xinjiang, Northwest China

Impacts of a warming climate on China’s ten water zones

Under global changes including a warming climate and rapid urbanisation, understanding the... Read more

What could we learn from developed countries in combating urban pluvial flooding

In July 2012, a downpour in Beijing made pluvial flooding in cities... Read more

Flooded village

Yangtze River Basin expecting more extreme rainfall under global warming and La Niña events

Extreme precipitation events are increasing both in frequency and intensity around the... Read more

Abandoned cars

Heatwaves, floods and climate change: We are wading today’s river by feeling yesterday’s stones

The 2021 summer of the north hemisphere isn’t very peaceful. With a... Read more

Higher dry season temperature has rich implications for Chinese rivers

Under a typical monsoon climate, there are evident dry and wet seasons... Read more

China’s 2020 Water Resources Bulletin Released

More precipitation and improved efficiency of water consumption Read more

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