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Our Latest Research in March 2022

[suspended particulate matter] plays a vital role in the transport and fate of EDCs [endocrine-disrupting compounds] in complex river-lake systems

Yan et al 2022 | Journal of Hazardous Materials
Key role of suspended particulate matter in assessing fate and risk of endocrine disrupting compounds in a complex river-lake system

… indirect discharge of industrial waste is greater than the direct discharge in the industrial waste metabolism system

Tian et al 2022 | Waste Management
Ecological network analysis of industrial wastes metabolism based on input-output model for Jiangsu, China.

Mantel test revealed a significant positive correlation between DOM [dissolved organic matter] and PFAAs [perfluoroalkyl acids]

Li et al 2022 | Water Research
Interactions between dissolved organic matter and perfluoroalkyl acids in natural rivers and lakes: A case study of the northwest of Taihu Lake Basin, China.

… [polystyrene nanoplastics] interact with [iron oxide nanoparticles] to form heteroaggregates and facilitate leaching of iron ions, which resulted in aggravating the toxic effect

Gong et al 2022 | Environmental Science-Processes & Impacts
Phytotoxicity of binary nanoparticles and humic acid on Lactuca sativa L.

… a data assimilation method based on deep learning to estimate the distribution of soil properties with limited measurements

Man et al 2022 | Journal of Hazardous Materials
Characterization of vapor intrusion sites with a deep learning-based data assimilation method.

… the concentrations of MPs in sewage sludge decreased significantly [in hydrothermal carbonization], exhibiting a 79% reduction

Xu et al 2022 | Chemosphere
Microplastic Degradation in Sewage Sludge by Hydrothermal Carbonization: Efficiency and Mechanisms.

[poly-fluoroalkyl substances] affected community coalescence more than biogenic substances (p<0.05)

Wu et al 2022 | Environmental Pollution
Per-, poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) and planktonic microbiomes: Identification of biotic and abiotic regulations in community coalescence and food webs.

vehicles are vulnerable to larger water depths while human stability is significantly influenced by higher flow velocities …

Dong et al 2022 | The Science of The Total Environment
Integrated modeling of 2D urban surface and 1D sewer hydrodynamic processes and flood risk assessment of people and vehicles.

… removal of PFAAs was suggested to be related to the uptake of plant tissues and biosorption of microbiota

Li et al 2022 | The Science of The Total Environment
Ecotoxicological responses and removal of submerged macrophyte Hydrilla verticillate to multiple perfluoroalkyl acid (PFAA) pollutants in aquatic environments.

Both stable polyclonal HR and unstable monoclonal HR observed in different cyanobacterial strains can be promoted under environmental levels of antibiotic pressure

Wang et al 2022 | Water Research
High prevalence of unstable antibiotic heteroresistance in cyanobacteria causes resistance underestimation

… eddy-resolving numerical techniques are used to investigate flow hydrodynamics and mixing at the asymmetric confluence between the Yangtze River and the Poyang Lake channel

Jiang et al 2022 | Environmental Fluid Mechanics
Flow hydrodynamics, density contrast effects and mixing at the confluence between the Yangtze River and the Poyang Lake channel

A probability estimation method based on [Bayesian model averaging] weighting scheme … to obtain the probabilistic projection of precipitation

Sun et al 2022 | Journal of Water and Climate Change
Deterministic and probabilistic projections and their credibility in analyzing future precipitation variations in the Yellow River Basin, China

… propensity score matching-difference in difference method to evaluate the carbon emission policy’s reduction effect

Tian et al 2022 | Energies
Study on the Emission Reduction Effect and Spatial Difference of Carbon Emission Trading Policy in China

… groundwater [transit time distribution] will inevitably deviate from the pre-urban ones due to the alteration from diffuse recharge to infiltration-focused recharge …

Jing et al 2022 | Journal of Hydrology
An analytical approach for urban groundwater transit time distributions accounting for the effect of stormwater infiltration system

[ensemble smoother with multiple data assimilation] is capable to accurately identify both regular and irregular non-point contaminant source information

Xu et al 2022 | Journal of Hydrology
Non-point contaminant source identification in an aquifer using the ensemble smoother with multiple data assimilation

Following commissioning of the TGD … the scouring intensity of sandy sections away from the dam continued to increase

Yang et al 2022 | Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
Impact of the Three Gorges Dam on riverbed scour and siltation of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River

… a review summarizing turbulent flow, sediment transport, morphological-dynamics, mixing processes, and their effects on the ecology of the aquatic environment at river confluences

Yuan et al 2022 | Journal of Hydrodynamics
The dynamics of river confluences and their effects on the ecology of aquatic environment: A review

… investigating potential mechanisms behind the impacts of Tr and likelihood measure on 95% confidence interval estimated by GLUE (95 CI)

Li et al 2022 | Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment
Understanding the impacts induced by cut-off thresholds and likelihood measures on confidence interval when applying GLUE approach

[a method with] advantages of high precision in estimated TCAs, low computation cost, high efficiency and robustness …

Li et al 2022 | Water Resources Research
An Improved D8-LTD for the Extraction of Total Contributing Area (TCA) by Adopting the Strategies of Path Independency and Local Dispersion

… P-band was less impacted by random and periodic roughness than L-band, evidenced by more comparable statistics across different roughness conditions

Shen et al 2022 | Remote Sensing of Environment
Impact of random and periodic surface roughness on P- and L-band radiometry


许钦等 2022 | 水资源保护


张妮娜等 2022 | 遥感技术与应用


何涯舟等 2022 | 水资源保护


侯利军等 2022 | 河海大学学报(自然科学版)


何涯舟等 2022 | 河海大学学报(自然科学版)


王小军等 2022 | 中国水利


赵方琳等 2022 | 环境科学研究

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